Minimum incision facelift

It is an excellent wrinkle-improving lifting operation
that reduces scars and increases its effectiveness.

  • Operation time2 hours and 30 minutes

  • Anesthesiasleep/general anesthesia

  • Suture removalAfter 7 ~14 days


What is the minimum incision facelift?

Minimum incision facelift is a lifting operation that directly pulls and fixes the SMAS layer of the skin through micro-incision.
It has a small incision area, meaning less pain and quicker recovery.

  • 01.

    Complex anti-aging effectsIt can treat drooping cheeks, laugh lines, and drooping jawlines all at once.

  • 02.

    Minimizes scarsIt performs surgery with minimal incisions and minimizes scars.

  • 03.

    A definite effectIt has a definite effect by directly lifting the SMAS layer and removing sagging skin.


Customized lifting according to skin type and area

As aging begins, the thickness of collagen in your face and the degree of elasticity of your muscles change.
The degree of elasticity varies depending on the area, so you need a 1:1 customized treatment that suits your skin condition.

[ AND Minimum incision facelift target ]

  • 20s and 30s

    • Improvement of skin sagging after facial contouring/double jaw surgery
    • Lifting of sagging skin due to reasons such as drastic diets
  • 40s+

    • Lifting effect by removin sagging skin due to aging
    • Improvement of the uneven face line due to reduced elasticity


AND Minimum incision facelift method

It makes an incision along the line in front of the ear, pulling the SMAS layer three-dimensionally along the face line.
It resects and sutures the remaining skin, improving the facial line and skin elasticity.
It delicately lifts each layer from the innermost fascia layer, which causes sagging, to the skin surface of the skin.
It creates a natural and long-lasting babyface.


AND Minimum incision facelift method

  • 01

    Personalized treatment area.
    It makes minimal incisions above the ears based on a customized design.

  • 02

    It pulls the stretched SMAS muscles, fixes them, and removes sagging skin.

  • 03

    It sutures the incision neatly.


What is the AND Minimum incision facelift?

It pulls the stretched tissue on the face in a 45-degree direction to delicately solve Indian bands, smile lines, and marionette wrinkles.


Minimum incision facelift target


  • People with excessive wrinkles for their age
  • People with less elasticity in their skin
  • People who want a lifting that lasts longer than a thread lifting
  • People who didn't get a good effect from conventional wrinkle surgery
  • People with drooping cheeks or Indian wrinkles


윤석호 전문의 사진

Does the skin sagging improve after facial contouring surgery as well?

You can also expect to improve skin sagging after facial contouring with minimal incision.

If you experience drooping cheekbones, cheeks, or jawline after contouring, you can choose surgery based on the degree of sagging of your face and the volume of soft tissue.

You can improve the elasticity of your face with lifting procedures fitting for each symptoms,
such as middle facelift, thread lifting, as well as a minimum incision full facelift.

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