of rhinoplasty

Creating a natural and beautiful nose line

  • Operation time1~2 hours

  • Anesthesiasleep/general anesthesia

  • Suture removalAfter 7 days

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    나랑 찰떡인 여자 연예인 '코'라인은 누구일까?

    연예인 코 분석부터 실제 사례 소개까지!

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    남자들의 워너비 '코'라인 연예인 1위는?

    남자가 봐도 멋있는 코를 가진 남자 연예인 1위는 누구일까요?

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    연예인처럼 화려한 코가 되고 싶다면?

    화려하고 예쁜 코를 만들기 위해 꼭 알아야 하는 '비순각'

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    처짐없는 코끝수술 제대로 하는 방법

    코끝성형은 코끝만 높이는 수술이 아니에요!

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AND’s customized rhinoplasty
Considering the overall harmony of the face

  • 01.

    Precise and safe surgery optimized for each individual after precise analysis of cosmetic and functional problems of the nose.

  • 02.

    Improving nose length, proportions, and even exposure of nostrils.

  • 03.

    Use a 1:1 customized implant depending on the shape of the nose

  • 04.

    A balanced nose from any angles that fits your face.

Customized nose implant &
Customized nose line

Accurate Diagnosis Through 3D-CT Scan unlike standard CT Scan
Diagnosis accurately for checking the shape of nasal bone and
deviated nose. Make an accurate plan and customized implant
for each patient. Surgery will be performed based on accurate
diagnosis which can help to reduce inflammation and side effects


Normal rhinoplasty vs AND 3D rhinoplasty

What ‘s the difference between the 3D CT rhinoplasty and general rhinoplasty?

  • General Rhinoplasty

    Difficult to determine the height and state of the implant that was used in the previous operation

  • AND 3D Rhinoplasty

    Can determine the state of the implant and the anatomical structures in advance for a more accurate operation


We only use silicone when absolutely necessary.

Silicone is not required in all cases.
We use the appropriate silicone when we need to rasie the bridge of the nose.

  • 01.

    Selection of materials based on indivisual condition of the nose such as cartilage, dermis, fascia, and silicone

  • 02.

    Customized silicone implant depending on the shape and condition of the nose

  • 03.

    The nose is shaped,based on a comprehensive calculation of the length of the forehead,
    lips and chin.


World-Leading Plastic Surgery Clinic

AND Plastic Surgery Clinic

2017 Aesthetic surgery journal

The world's first 3D-printing rhinoplasty paper was registered in the Journal
of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons(ASJ)

  • 2018 APS-PRS Korea

    Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
    using 3D Printer

    Academic Presentation

  • 2019 APAAC

    3D Simulation &
    Virtual Rhinoplasty


  • 2020,2021
    Aesthetic Surgery Journal

    Journal reviewer

    Official Journal of
    American plastic surgeons

  • 2021 SRF

    Current status of rhinoplasty
    using 3D technology

    Academic Presentation


And plastic surgery

is the only hospital with patents.

  • Patient-specific Nasal implants design method

  • How to make a patient-specific nasal prosthesis

AND Plastic Surgery constantly strives
for satisfactory results such as active academic activities,
thesis writing, and patent registration for plastic surgery.


최임돈 전문의 사진

Rhinoplasty , can I raise it as much as I want?

The height must be determined by the shape of the nose and skin.

The height of nose is determined skin elasticity,cartilage size and implant size.

The prosthesis can be used up to 10 mm.
However, excessively large prostheses can cause the skin to become thinner and reflect the prosthesis outside.
So it is important to perform an accurate analysis of the face shape of each and every patient to create the ideal nose implant size.

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