Forehead Lift

Maintain your babyface with Endotine.
You don't have to worry about the scar because of the micro-incision.

  • Operation time1 hour 30 minutes

  • anesthesiasleep/general anesthesia

  • Suture removalAfter 7 ~14 days

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What is Endoscopic forehead lifting?

Endoscopic forehead lifting is a surgery that removes and pulls the drooping forehead through a small incision inside the hairline and fixes it evenly with Endotine.
It is a method of performing surgery by checking the peeling area directly using an endoscope. You can expect a delicate and excellent lifting effect.

  • 01.

    Full HD endoscope without concern of scars.
    Minimum incision forehead lift

  • 02.

    Acquire bright and lively eyes while improving forehead wrinkles.

  • 03.

    Genuine Endotine ensures firm muscle retention and excellent retention.


Benefits of Full HD Endoscopy

It minimizes scars by minimizing the surgical area.
It secures the surgical site with an endoscope and naturally improves wrinkles by delicately removing them.


  • We minimize scarring concerns with hairline incision
  • Minimally incised surgery reduces pain and recovery time
  • The delicate peeling improves the narrow forehead due to aging wide and clean.


Benefits of Endotine surgery

Endotine is a U.S. FDA-approved material that pulls the force evenly without concentrating in one place.
It helps to improve natural wrinkles.
It is also a bio-friendly material that naturally absorbs into the body over time.

  • 01.


  • 02.

    High stability due to absorption in the body

  • 03.

    It firmly fixes skin tissue without the risk of side effects.


Improve the upper face subcomplexity
with sagging forehead lifting.

You can improve various problems caused by your forehead drooping through forhead lifting.

  • Improves wrinkles

    It improves wrinkles on the forehead, the bridge of the nose, and the wrinkles around the eyes caused by the sagging forehead.

  • Improves drooping eyes

    It turns drooping eyebrows, pressed eyes, and covered double eyelids into cool-looking eyes by pulling them up.

  • Shrinks wide forehead

    It can simultaneously apply forehead reduction, which reduces the appearance of a wide forehead margin.


AND Endoscopic forehead lift method


Forehead lift surgery method

  • 01

    It makes a small incision behind the hairline so that the scar can be covered.

  • 02

    It delicately exfoliates through an endoscopic vision to avoid nerve damage.

  • 03

    It fixes the skin with absorbent endotoxins to match the ideal eyebrow height and shape.

  • 04

    It seals the scar out of sight.

Before & After


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Does forehead lifting work for young people, too?

Forehead lifting is also effective for people with drooping eyebrows and eyes.

For those who see their eyebrows, eyes, and upper face due to the drooping forehead, the overall elasticity can be improved through forehead lifting.

They can expect the surgery to naturally increase the double eyelids and acquire cool-looking eyes, improving their impressions as well.

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