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Nose types are placed into categories to improve
functional/aesthetic aspects for greater satisfaction and results

  • Operation time1 hour and a half to 3 hours

  • anesthesiasleep/general anesthesia

  • Suture removalAfter 7 days

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We are confident about our rhinoplasty.

It is a surgery for those who does not like the result of primary surgery, occurring of contractures, deformation of prosthesis, and side effects such as inflammation happens. Since the primary surgery accurately identifies the cause of failure and the tissue has already been damaged,
it is necessary to go through the surgery with an experienced specialist.

AND's successful points of nose revision

successful points of nose revision

Doctor specialist is responsible from consultation to surgery and progress check.


A high level of satisfaction is ensured by making an individual diagnosis using the cutting-edge 3D-CT equipment.


Thorough analysis of the cause of the failure in the previous surgery.


With extensive clinical experience and know-how.

Nose revision surgery should be even more cautious.
We strive to ensure that the best results are achieved
by specialists with the proper expertise for nose revision surgery.


What is the best time for revision rhinoplasty?

It is not fixed!It depends on the patient's condition.

The right time to surgery

  • TIME01.

    Typical period of nose revision surgery

    • To minimize side effects, it is best to do revision surgery after 6 months to 1 year when nose tissues are steady.
  • TIME02.

    Inflamed case

    • After inflammation are completely eliminated,revision surgery is needed
    • Re-operate immediately after inflammation (Salvage operation)
      +After inflammation are eliminated,
      Proceeding with a second operation.
  • TIME03.

    In case the prosthesis
    is removed

    • Re-operate after the wound in the removal area is completely healed.
    • Re-operation before skin contraction progresses.
      (Using 3D Printing silicone/Autologous cartilage)


Subject to rivision case

  • 01.

    Inflamed case

  • 02.

    Bent Nose Bridge
    & Moving Prosthesis

  • 03.


  • 04.

    Tall Nose Bridge

  • 05.

    Nasal Tip


Targets and methods of personnel nose reoperation surgery

  • Nose bridge looks curved

    Before revision rhinoplasty, the pocket is precisely removed, the soft tissue and the asymmetry of the facial bone are checked, and the nose bridge is corrected by reinserting the customized Implant(3D Prosthesis) into the cartilage.

  • Not satisfied with nose bridge height

    Replace the implant after removing the existing implant that fits the nose line. If necessary, the wide nasal bones can be cut and gathered together to narrow the nose bridge for a more natural and beautiful nose line.

  • Moving Prosthesis

    Examines thoroughly if the prosthesis actually moves then fixes the prosthesis under the periosteum aligning with the shape and curve of the nose bridge or replaces the implant with the personalized 3D Prosthesis

  • The borderline of the prosthesis is visible

    Visible prosthesis borderline occurs when the silicon is too wide for nasal bone.Surgical method is placing the 3D prosthesis.The problem can be solved by changing the prosthesis into the one that suits the nose width.

  • Drooping and deformation of the nasal tip

    It occurs when the nasal cartilage is arranged inappropriately.When nostrils are crushed-in due to wrongly grafted material.The shape can be improved by appropriately rearranging the nasal cartilage and complementing major alar cartilage and septal cartilage.

  • The nose has become upturned (Capsular contracture)

    Removes the root cause of contracture and problematic tissues sufficiently and inserts a proper implant into the nose tip while extending the dissected soft tissues as much as needed.

  • If the nose does not match your face

    If the initial surgery plan was incorrect, such as not taking into account the harmony of the face, excessively raising the nose, or sharpening the tip of the nose, the nose shape will not be satisfactory. We will proceed by creating a surgical design for the proper nose height and shape from the nose pillar to the tip of the nose.


Rest assured that the surgeons at
AND are experienced and will guarantee safety!

Revision rhinoplasty is highly difficult to perform due to the structural damage to the nose,scarring,inflammation and deformation caused by the previous operation.
So,there is a need to seek a plastic surgeon with rich surgical know-how who can formulate a detailed surgical plan and has high level of concentration.

Adventage of AND revision rhinoplasty

  • 01.

    Analysis of the initial surgery
    In-depth consultation with the specialist

  • 02.

    Delaminate tissue depending on the nose structure

  • 03.

    Remove existing prosthesis
    Remove the pre- prosthesis and problematic tissues

  • 04.

    Chooses the most suitable prosthesis
    Remove the prosthesis and problematic tissues


World-Leading Plastic Surgery Clinic

AND Plastic Surgery Clinic

2017 Aesthetic surgery journal

The world's first 3D-printing rhinoplasty paper was registered in the Journal
of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons(ASJ)

  • 2018 APS-PRS Korea

    Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
    using 3D Printer

    Academic Presentation

  • 2019 APAAC

    3D Simulation &
    Virtual Rhinoplasty


  • 2020,2021
    Aesthetic Surgery Journal

    Journal reviewer

    Official Journal of
    American plastic surgeons

  • 2021 SRF

    Current status of rhinoplasty
    using 3D technology

    Academic Presentation


And plastic surgery

is the only hospital with patents.

  • Patient-specific Nasal implants design method

  • How to make a patient-specific nasal prosthesis

AND Plastic Surgery constantly strives
for satisfactory results such as active academic activities,
thesis writing, and patent registration for plastic surgery.


최임돈 전문의 사진

What kind of materials are used for revision rhinoplasty?

Depending on the current state of the nose, various materials can be used.

Cause of rhinoplasty failure is analyzed prior to surgery!

A surgical plan is formulated by taking into consideration the patient’s individual characteristics and needs such as his/her facial features and desired nose shape.

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