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  • Operation timeAbout 1hr.30mins

  • Anesthesiasleep anesthesia

  • Suture removalAfter 7 days

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    코끝성형도 이제 맞춤으로 하자!

    3D 프린팅을 이용한 실리콘 코성형

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Rhinoplasty by types

Nose is the center of our face, and the image will change according to the line and height.
Therefore AND Rhinoplasty will analyze the problems thoroughly through 1:1 consultations
and come up with a balanced plan.


Flat nose

Flat nose surgery target
  • 01.

    Person who has
    flat nose

  • 02.

    Person whose eye
    distance looks far

  • 03.

    Person who has
    generally flat nose

  • 04.

    Person whose flat
    nose gives
    a dull impression

  • 05.

    Person whose nose tip
    is saggy or dull

Flat nose surgery method
  • Nose Bridge Implant

    The nasal bridge is elevated by an implant considering the line starting from the forehead and nose bridge.

  • Nose Tip Autologous Cartilage

    Correct the nose tip by using autologous cartilage
    for a distinct and natural nose line both from front and side profile.


Short nose

Short nose surgery target
  • 01.

    Person whose nose
    tip is upturned

  • 02.

    Person who has short
    and flat nose

  • 03.

    Person whose nose is upturned by nasal contracture

  • 04.

    Person who has a lot of nostril exposure from the front

Short nose surgery method
  • Slightly short case

    The upper part of the alar cartilages is cut and the lower ends are fixed downward to make the Cartilages appear enlongated at the bottom.

  • Extremely short case

    If it is not sufficient to just lengthen the nose tip by cartilage plasty, an additional cartilage is grafted between the nasal septal cartilage and alar cartilages.


Aquiline nose

Aquiline nose surgery target
  • 01.

    The middle of your nose pillar is protruding.

  • 02.

    Those who have a hook nose and sagging nose tip.

  • 03.

    Entire face looks long due to a hook nose.

  • 04.

    Nose hump makes a strong and stubborn impression

  • 05.

    Makes an ideal nose line and shape.

Aquiline nose surgery method

    The protruding bone and cartilage are removed simultaneously.


    An implant is inserted or the nasal bone is fractured to create a smooth nose bridge.Autologous cartilage is used on the tip of the nose.


Bulbous nose

Bulbous nose surgery target
  • 01.

    Nose pillar looks like it is spreading.

  • 02.

    The tip of the nose is wide and flat.

  • 03.

    Nose pillar gives you a strong and clunky impression.

  • 04.

    Skin of nose alar is thick

Bulbous nose surgery method
  • Nose cartilage is opened

    Gather the nose cartilage to the center and tie it together to make a sharp nose tip.

  • Thick nose tip skin

    Get rid of excessive fat,
    and insert prosthesis at the nose tip to make a sharp nose tip.

  • Subcutaneous tissue is thick

    After removing a certain amount of fat and soft tissue from the tip of the nose, the skin thickness of the nose is reduced.
    Cartilage transplantation is performed to set up a support and collect cartilage to create a sharp nose line and correct it.


Arrow nose

Arrow nose surgery target
  • 01.

    Person whose nose length does not fit the ratio of face.

  • 02.

    If the nose is too long or too saggy.

  • 03.

    Person whose nose tip forms an arrow shape during smile.

Arrow nose surgery method
  • Case1. Nose cartilage is opened

    The droopy part of cartilage is resected and secured, allowing the cartilage to move upward. This makes the length shorter and the autogenous cartilage plays the role of supporting the nose.

  • Case2. Excessive development of septal cartilage

    The depressor muscle at the tip of the nose is excised to prevent recurrence.
    A silicone implant may be used if necessary to make the nose tip taller.


Crooked nose

Crooked nose surgery target
  • 01.

    Have curved and Crooked nasal bridge

  • 02.

    If the center of the Nose is tilted

  • 03.

    If the prosthesis
    is bent after the rhinoplasty

  • 04.

    If the nasal bone and cartilage are bent due to an extrinsic trauma

  • 05.

    Crooked nose causes a functional problem

Crooked nose surgery method
  • Case1. If the degree of nasal deviation isn’t extremely severe

    The deviation could be simply improved by grafting the cartilage,implant or artificial dermis on the areas which impose deformities.

  • Case2. If the degree of nasal deviation is extremely severe

    The nasal bone is fractured on the both sides and made symmetrical. And the asymmetry of the medical cartilage is corrected with septoplasty.

  • Case3. Nasal tip cartilage correction

    Nasal tip or septum deviation is corrected by repositioning the nasal tip cartilage.


Rhinoplasty,which prosthesis would be good?

It is very important to select the right material
that is suitable for each individual cases since each implant has its own pros and cons.
AND safely performs the surgery with the right material, based on and ergonomic analysis.

  • 01.

    If the nose bone and the nose cartilage are small and the bridge of the nose looks low, implant or self tissue will be used.

  • 02.

    Using the customized implant for the bridge of the nose.

  • 03.

    The shape should remain well.


World-Leading Plastic Surgery Clinic

AND Plastic Surgery Clinic

2017 Aesthetic surgery journal

The world's first 3D-printing rhinoplasty paper was registered in the Journal
of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons(ASJ)

  • 2018 APS-PRS Korea

    Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
    using 3D Printer

    Academic Presentation

  • 2019 APAAC

    3D Simulation &
    Virtual Rhinoplasty


  • 2020,2021
    Aesthetic Surgery Journal

    Journal reviewer

    Official Journal of
    American plastic surgeons

  • 2021 SRF

    Current status of rhinoplasty
    using 3D technology

    Academic Presentation


And plastic surgery

is the only hospital with patents.

  • Patient-specific Nasal implants design method

  • How to make a patient-specific nasal prosthesis

AND Plastic Surgery constantly strives
for satisfactory results such as active academic activities,
thesis writing, and patent registration for plastic surgery.

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What kind of materials do you use for nose tip surgery?

Own cartilage should be used for the nose tip surgery.

In the case of nose tip surgery, it is often sufficient to change the line to fit the current nose line rather than a large change to the tip.
Therefore, it is possible to perform surgery with only the nasal septum or ear cartilage.
You can also use donated rib cartilage or autologous rib cartilage.

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