Upper blepharoplasty
/Subbrow Lift

Reclaim the 10 years that you've forgotten
From drooping eyelids to taut eyelids
Even though eye surgery for middle age people is notoriously difficult,
we will make it look natural as if they were your eyes to begin with.

  • Operation time1 hour 30 minutes

  • AnesthesiaLocal anesthesia

  • Removal of suturesAfter 7 days

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It improves elasticity
and clarity of drooping eyelids

As years go by, skin elasticity decreases and the eyelids droop.
We determine the extent of the drooping eyelids and resolve them with the right operation method depending on the cause.

drooping eyelids
Surgery method

  • 01.

    Incision below eyebrow

    How to lift sagging skin between
    eyebrows and eyelids by making
    an incision along the eyebrow line

  • 02.

    Upper Blepharoplasty

    It makes an incision along the double eyelid line to determine the degree of drooping eyelids.


Drooping eyelid surgery, Subbrow Lift? Upper Blepharoplasty?

We can determine the degree of drooping eyelids
and effectively solve eyelid drooping through eyebrow ligation or upper eyelids,
depending on the cause.

Subbrow Lift

Person with drooping eyelids and poking eyebrows
people who look old due to drooping eyelids
Recovery period
1~2 weeks
It can improve drooping eyelids
without making double eyelids.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Person with drooping eyelids and poking eyebrows
people who look old due to drooping eyelids
Recovery period
1~2 weeks
It secures a clear sight
by removing drooping eyelids.


Subbrow Lift

  • It makes a natural result by incising the skin under the eyebrows.
  • It improves drooping eyelids without making double eyelids.
  • It corrects the small, stuffy-looking eyes.


How to do subbrow lifting surgery

  • 01.

    It is designed by considering the height difference between the eyebrows and pupils.

  • 02.

    It corrects the upper eyelid by pulling the skin and muscles upward.

  • 03.

    It neatly sutures the micro-incision.


What is subbrow lifting surgery?

It improves drooping eyelids and frowning impression through micro-incisions along the eyebrow line.
It delicately sutures the incision so that the scar is not noticeable.


Upper blepharoplasty

  • Eliminate the loose skin along the upper eyelid crease
  • Tighten the loose skin to achieve clear and bright face image
  • Create a natural-looking upper eyelid cease that achieve aesthetic and functional improvements


Upper blepharoplasty method

  • 01.

    It is designsed to fit the drooping, weak eyelids

  • 02.

    It removes sagging skin and balances the muscles that open your eyes.
    It holds the stretched eyelid conjunctiva in place.

  • 03.

    It creates clear eyes by neatly arranging the suture area after the skin is incised.


What is upper blepharoplasty?

It incisions stretched skin along the double eyelid line and balances the eyelid muscles so the patient can open their eyes comfortably.

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What is the right surgery for my eyes an upper blepharoplasty or a subbrow lifting surgery?

The method for upper blepharoplasty and Subbrow lifting varies depending on the degree of drooping of your eye.

1. People who open their eyes with their eyebrows when they have inner double eyelids

If the eye-opening muscle is balanced, you can make eye-opening more comfortable through brow lifting without having to perform double eyelid surgery.

2. People with severe wrinkles on their eyes

Even if we cut away the skin from under the eyebrows to solve the sagging, the multiple layers of wrinkles on your eyelid won't solve it.
Therefore, you should have an upper blepharoplasty that cuts sagging skin off your eyelid line.

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