The personalized
3D Prosthesis

Rhinoplasty with 3D simulation!
Premium 3D rhinoplasty designed just for you

  • Operation timeAbout 1hr.30mins

  • Anesthesiasleep anesthesia

  • Suture removalAfter 7 days

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    에스파 카리나처럼 오똑한 콧대로!

    연예인처럼 오똑하고 화려한 코 따라잡기

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    나랑 찰떡인 여자 연예인 '코'라인은 누구일까?

    연예인 코 분석부터 실제 사례 소개까지

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    남자들의 워너비 '코'라인 연예인 1위는?

    남자가 봐도 멋있는 코를 가진 남자 연예인 1위는 누구일까요?

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    화려하고 예쁜 코를 만들기 위해 꼭 알아야 하는 '비순각'

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What is the personalized 3D Prosthesis Rhinoplasty?

This is 1:1 customized rhinoplasty that allows you to create the most suitable implant for your nose by using 3D printer to create
the patient’s skeleton, cartilage, skin tissue, and muscle with data obtained from 3D-ct images.
Because it is possible to manufacture a customized implant that fits perfectly to the nasal bone,
it is safe and there is little worry about reoperation as it significantly reduces side effects such as bending, silicone seepage, and lifting.

  • The multangular analysis on nose condition including nasal bone,
    cartilage,nasal cavity and its size using 3D-CT scan.

  • Producing a 1:1 made-to-order prosthesis that suits the patients and the doctors needs.

  • Faster recovery due to shorter surgery times

  • It's designed by the surgeon who owns a “3D printing Prosthesis” patent


The personalized 3D Prosthesis Rhinoplasty is suitable for these people.

  • 01.

    Person who want to look like to celebrity’s nose

  • 02.

    People who want a perfect nose without worrying about side effects

  • 03.

    People who want to prevent functional problems

  • 04.

    If you don't want to remove your bones and want to correct them

  • 05.

    If the middle part of the face is long.

  • 06.

    If the eyebrow bone is protruding.


AND the personalized 3D Prosthesis Rhinoplasty is different.

  • general rhinoplasty

    Standardized mass-produced products.

  • AND 3D celebrity type rhinoplasty

    3D Prosthesis rhinoplasty that fits perfectly with a customized implant to the shape of my nose.
    Through virtual plastic surgery, it is possible to check the appearance in advance after surgery.


Why Chosen AND’s 3D Prosthesis Rhinoplasty?

  • Rhinoplasty specialist

    World's First 3D Simulation, Announcement of rhinoplasty research using 3D Printing. He is presenting and giving lectures for the first time in the world.

  • Setting up surgery plan

    The personal consultation with the doctors to discuss the shape of the nose and operation plan based on 3D-CT scan images.

  • Customized surgery

    An individually customized surgical plan is devised based on an accurate assessment of the nose shape,cartilage location, etc.

  • Systematic after care treatment

    Intensive management of scars in the Surgical area through various lasers and ultrasound equipment.


The personalized 3D Prosthesis rhinoplasty process

We proceed with premium system for high-quality rhinoplasty result.

  • STEP 01.

    Pre-operative counseling and filming

    After we take a picture of the patient's face from various angles, the consultation for the ideal customized nose proceeds.

  • STEP 02.

    3D-CT Precise Diagnosis

    Analyzes the shape thoroughly through 3D-CT scan before surgery.

  • STEP 03.

    Rhinoplasty specialist

    Precise and safe surgery optimized for each individual after precise analysis of cosmetic and functional problems of the nose.

  • STEP 04.

    Secondary consultation

    Through virtual plastic surgery, it is possible to check the appearance in advance after surgery

  • STEP 05.

    Customized prosthesis

    In consideration of the anatomical curves of the nasal bone and cartilage extracted from the CT image, the implant is made in a customized shape.

  • STEP 06.

    3D Rhinoplasty

    Surgery will be performed with 1:1 customized implant, and its effect is permanent.


World-Leading Plastic Surgery Clinic

AND Plastic Surgery Clinic

2017 Aesthetic surgery journal

The world's first 3D-printing rhinoplasty paper was registered in the Journal
of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons(ASJ)

  • 2018 APS-PRS Korea

    Aesthetic Rhinoplasty
    using 3D Printer

    Academic Presentation

  • 2019 APAAC

    3D Simulation &
    Virtual Rhinoplasty


  • 2020,2021
    Aesthetic Surgery Journal

    Journal reviewer

    Official Journal of
    American plastic surgeons

  • 2021 SRF

    Current status of rhinoplasty
    using 3D technology

    Academic Presentation


And plastic surgery

is the only hospital with patents.

  • Patient-specific Nasal implants design method

  • How to make a patient-specific nasal prosthesis

AND Plastic Surgery constantly strives
for satisfactory results such as active academic activities,
thesis writing, and patent registration for plastic surgery.


최임돈 전문의 사진

Is it possible to operate the same as the nose shape of a celebrity I want to resemble?

We can apply the nose line of the person you want to resemble to the patient's nose.

You can extract the nose line we want to resemble through 3D simulation and apply it to the patient's nose.

AND 3D Prosthesis rhinoplasty involves an accurate assessment of the shape and structure of the nose and cartilage locations using a 3D-CT scan, based on which the most suitable method of surgery and implant are chosen for the patient.

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    1:1 Personalized system

  • Put patient safety first

    a surgical safety system

  • to improve the results of the surgery

    post-operative care

  • From the first surgery to the second surgery

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