Under eye fat repositioning

Improving dark circles can change
the whole image to a brighter look.

  • Operation timeWithin 40 minutes

  • Anesthesiasleep/partial anesthesia

  • Suture removalNo

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Looks More Youthful With
Brighter Lower Eyelids

This surgery is a type of surgery that corrects the dark or droopy eye bags,
caused by different reasons such as bone structure, fat composition and pigmentation.
Removing and repositioning the fat through the conjunctiva to remove the sagging lower eyelid to achieve a youthful effect.
More ideal results can be obtained through accurate diagnosis by AND Eye Surgery specialist and AND specialized surgical methods.

Ideal candidates under eyelid fat repositioning

  • 01.

    Thin skin or
    lack of elasticity

  • 02.

    Aged look due
    to sagging skin

  • 03.

    Severe dark

  • 04.

    under eye fat
    protrudes excessively


Repositioning is the key, not fat transplantation

To perform the detailed operation in accordance to
the amount and symptoms of the under eye fat,
clinical study is necessary.

  • Removal or transplantation of fat

    Excessive fat removal may lead to loss of fat under the eyes, or transplanted fats may have a lower survivability

  • Possibility
    of maintaining fat
    shape after surgery


    Under eye fat repositioning

    It reshapes the existing fat under the eyes,
    So fat cannot be lost.


Types of surgery method


Surgery method for case-by-case fat relocation

  • 01

    Eye Bag Fat Adjustment

    Reposition fat to sunken area,
    make minimal incision through the inner side of conjunctiva.

  • 02

    Remove sagging skin

    Remove excessive sagging fat.
    Prevents the re-occurrence of under eye fat

  • 03

    Sagging skin resection

    Remove the excessive skin through conjunctiva

  • 04

    Filler injection

    Fill in the furrows under the eyes or change them into more lively eyes by emphasizing cuteness under the eyes.
    We recommend it, especially if you have little or no fat under your eyes.

Before & After


윤석호 전문의 사진

Is there a possibility of recurrence after relocating under the eyes?

It can recur depending on the surgical method

Once removed, the fat on the eyes does not regenerate.
If the fat is removed too much, the eyelids may be sunken and find wrinkles may be formed on the eyelids.

Therefore, it is important to properly remove it through consultation with a specialist.

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