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Bigger and brighter eyes,
while maintaining your natural look

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Customized surgery based on individual face structure

Eyes are the most important part which makes the first impression.
AND Plastic surgery customizes the surgery based on individual features.


Depending on the individual's eye type,
only necessary surgery is recommended.

We will create a natural and beautiful line in your eyes.
Each method performed is personalized according to the individual's desired goal.

Types of eye surgery

  • 01.

    the basics of eye plastic surgery

    Double eyelid surgery

  • 02.

    Correct weakened muscles that result in drooping eyelids

    Eyelid ptosis

  • 03.

    Bigger and longer eyes by widening the vertical and Horizontal lengths


  • 04.

    Smooth and rejuvenated under-eye area

    Fat removal &


AND has developed a special method in which the double eyelids
Can’t be easily loosened after experiencing lots of cases.

offers the best eye surgery results for your face,
taking into account the length, shape, skin thickness, age.
A variety of eye surgery know-how and surgical methods completes more beautiful
and safer outcomes through personalized surgical methods.

  • Excessive excision of the eye muscle & strong line fixation

    • Because of thin,there is a furrow
    • Eyelashes can be lifted up
    • Difficulty in revision
  • Proper excision of the eye muscle & Double eyelid line fixation

    • Less scar with less tissue damage
    • To complete the natural double eyelid
    • Less tissue damage makes revision more easier

Before & After


윤석호 전문의 사진

Isn't it prettier when your eyes are bigger?

The ideal size is the exposure of 85 to 90% of the pupils.

For a beautiful eye design, the overall proportion should be more important than the size of the eye.

The ideal eye is to show about 85 to 90% of the Pupils when you open them naturally. It is essential to understand the degree of exposure of the eyes and correct them at an appropriate height even when correcting them.

AND. for YOU

AND Plastic Surgery creates a unique beauty.

for YOU

  • From counseling to postoperative care

    1:1 Personalized system

  • Put patient safety first

    a surgical safety system

  • to improve the results of the surgery

    post-operative care

  • From the first surgery to the second surgery

    AND's know-how

A new me, a confident life.

Continuation of Change, AND Plastic Surgery Clinic

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