Lower blepharoplasty
/Under eye fat repositioning

It makes your wrinkled, drooping eyes look smooth!
Are you worried about your bulging eyes?
Get rid of drooping and fine wrinkles under your eyes at the same time!

  • Operation time1 hour

  • anesthesiasleep/local

  • Suture removalAfter 7 days

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It makes your bumpy,
squishy eyes bright and clear!

As you get older, fat builds up under your eyes.
People with sagging and wrinkled skin due
to the fat under their eyes can improve their impression
through lower blepharoplasty, resulting in bright eyes.

Sagging skin under eyes
Surgery method

  • 01.

    Under eye fat repositioning

    Approach from the inner skin under the eye to preserve the inner conjunctiva and to loosen the tear trough, in order to relocate fat and conjunctiva to under the eyes.

  • 02.

    Lower Blepharoplasty

    Approach from under the eyes to preserve conjunctiva and loosen the tear trough, in order to maintain and reinforce the fat under the eyes and surgically remove the loose skin.


What is more suitable for sagging lower eyelids
that make you look tired
Under eye fat repositioning, or a lower blepharoplasty?

Eyes surgery due to aging differs from normal eye plastic surgery,
and requires high-level surgical techniques.

Under eye fat repositioning

People with bulding
bags under their eyes
Recovery period
3-4 days
It preserves the cuteness under the eye,
resulting in a youthful image while making
the skin under your eyes look smooth.

Lower blepharoplasty

People with bulging under eye fat
and severe skin saggingg
Recovery period
7-10 days
It fixes the muscles under the eyes as the fat is being relocated.
It can strengthen the fat under
your eyes by improving the outer sagging.


Cases requiring under eye fat repositioning

  • People with bulging under eyes, sagging under-eye bags
  • People with uneven distribution of fat under their eyes
  • People who look tired due to severe dark circles


Under eye fat repositioning surgery method

  • 01.

    It removes or repositions fat by making micro-incisions under the eyes.

  • 02.

    It fixes the micro-incision under the eye after suture.

  • 03.

    Your under-eye is made smooth and bright.


What is the under eye fat repositioning surgery?

It is a way to preserve the under-eye fat while rearranging the bulging part of it.
It makes a bright, youthful impression.


Lower Blepharoplasty surgery target

  • People in need of lower eyelid fat repositioning
  • People who have had a change of impressions due to their under-eye sagging
  • People who have wrinkles on their skin with drooping fat under their eyes
  • People who suffer severe disruption to the outside of their eyes


Lower blepharoplasty surgery method

  • 01.

    Bulging bags under eyes due to sagging skin and fat

  • 02.

    It removes wrinkled, stretched skin and fat by minimally cutting the inner conjunctiva under the eyes.

  • 03.

    It delicately processes sutures so that the scars are not noticeable.


What is Lower blepharoplasty?

It is an operation that cleans up the fat under the drooping eyes and lifts the furrows under the eyes.
It removes dark circles under the eyes.


Mid-facial Lift

It gives both elasticity and lifting effects
to the entire midface that has lost its volume.
You can expect a youthful and natural image transformation..

  • Operation time1 hour 30 minutes

  • Anesthesiasleep anesthesia

  • Suture removal5 to 7 days later


What is Mid-facial lift?

Mid-face refers to the range from under the eyes to the end of the nose.
Symptoms such as drooping under the eyes, front cheeks, smile lines, and cheeks can occur.
Mid-facial lift is an operation that lifts sagging skin and cheekbones by usinng the approach of surgery from under the eyes.
It inserts endotins through a fine incision along the incision line of the lower eyelid, and then pulls up the midface to secure it.

  • 01.

    Improving wrinkles
    under the eyes

  • 02.

    Sagging front
    cheek lifting

  • 03.

    Smile line
    wrinkle lifting


Endotines add elasticity and volume to the mid-face

A 4.5mm deep cog of midface-only endotene firmly holds the fat in the skin.
It raises the sagging fat layer in the cheekbones.
It adds volume to the flat cheek or front cheek, transforming the tired look into a lively and youthful look.
You can choose the most efficient type of Endotine treatment according to the treatment area.


AND Mid-facial Lift


Midfacial Lifting surgery method

  • 01.

    It makes a fine incision along the incision line of the lower eyelid.

  • 02.

    It pulls up the entire middle facial tissue, including the fascia layer.

  • 03.

    It fixes sagging buccal fat to the bone membrane and sutures the incision.


Midfacial Lift target


  • People experiencing sagging from the base of their eyes to their cheeks
  • People with bulging bags of fat under their eyes and no elasticity on their skin
  • People who look older because of their smile lines and drooping deep cheeks
  • People with drooping cheeks after cheekbone reduction

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