NV contouring

Complete the perfect N+V line from any angle

  • Operation time30 minutes ~ 1hour

  • Anesthesiasleep anesthesia

  • Suture removalUnnecessary/7 days if necessary

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I envy you, eNVy contouring!What is AND NV Contour?

It is an operation that creates a sleek face line without cutting bones
or implanting Prosthesis based on AND plastic surgery know-how.

  • [ N Line ]

    Side N line

  • [ V Line ]

    Front V-line

  • lower double chin fat liposuction

    Find the hidden side face-line

  • Remove buccal fat pad

    Remove unnecessary facial fat

  • Buccal fat liposuction

    Provides a complete V-line with liposuction

  • Tying up lower double chin muscles

    It solves the root problem by tying up platysma


NV Contouring surgery target

  • 01.

    When did not see much effect on laser treatment

  • 02.

    Lots of fat around
    buccal fat

  • 03.

    Lots of fat
    on the lower chin

  • 04.

    Afraid of
    bone surgery

  • 05.

    Wants natural


Surgical method

  • 01.

    3D-CT Precise examination (Check fat layer)

    Depending on the thickness of the skin and the subcutaneous fat, the degree of sagging of the skin and SMAS varies for each individual.

  • 02.

    Using round-type microcannula

    AND Plastic Surgery uses a round-type microcannula for liposuction of the face to minimize scarring and enable rapid recovery.

  • 03.

    Lower double chin & Buccal fat liposuction

    We use a round type microcannula to remove fat around the lower double chin.

    • It is important to remove the appropriate amount so that the cheek may look off if you remove the fat too much.
  • 04.

    Remove buccal fat pad

    Remove buccal fat from both corners of the mouth without nerve damage.

    Buccal fat pad removal surgery case

    In case of lots of buccal fat
    • Person who has protruding cheeks
    • Want to get rid of excess fat around the mouth
    In case of sagging and lots of buccal fat
    • Sagging skin and needs lifting effect

    Advantages of Buccal Fat Removal

    • No scarring
    • Permanent results
    • Quick treatment
    • Minimal downtime
    • More contoured look
  • 05.


    Platysmaplasty is the procedure of re-attaching the left and right platysma muscles.
    The suture technique resembles the ties in a corset as one side is sewn to the other.
    With this method, the platysma is tightened in an upward direction bringing it close to the chin.

    • Removing fat
      by using a round tip

    • Platysma muscles
      make an incision

    • procedure of re-attaching
      the left and right
      platysma muscles

    • A slim V-line
      is completed.


AND The Speciality of lower double chin liposuction

general double chin liposuction
The range of surgery
surgical method Removal of fat using a cannula (Liposuction)
  • Simple liposuction method
  • Concerns over the occurrence of secondary burden after liposuction
  • If the cause of the double chin is not fat,
    the effect is limited
Effect Normal liposuction methods have a low improvement effect
when muscles are stretched.
AND double chin liposuction
The range of surgery
surgical method Primary fat removal using a cannula (Liposuction)
+ Tying muscles through an incision under the lower chin
Removal of deep fat under the platysma muscles (Secondary)
  • Liposuction with minimal incision +Improvement of sagging skin
    and muscles at the same time
  • Removal of deep fat under the platysma muscles
  • Is tightened in an upward direction bringing it close to the chin
Effect Prevent sagging by pulling out sagging skin and muscles
Improvement of fundamental cause+Lifting effects


Maximize the liposuction effects
with Dual Ultrasonic Waves method

Germany’s LDM external ultrasonic waves
Newfong’s Ultra-Z internal ultrasonic wave

The changes in skin tissues after LDM operation

Relaxed fat tissues after LDM operation makes liposuction simple,
And the side effects are minimized by not causing damages to the tissues.

  • Compact fat tissues before surgery

  • Relaxed fat tissue after treatment

AND Liposuction can selectively remove fat on specific areas

#Fast Recovery

#Immediate Results

#Minimal bleeding

If there is a lot of bleeding during surgery, the bruise and swelling increases.So,recovery is slow.


Liposuction system of AND plastic surgery

  • Consider the patient's physical characteristics

    Detailed customized counseling such as checking the patient’s tall,weight, body fat and muscle mass and skin elasticity
  • Specialized liposuction surgery

    Only liposuction specialist doctor is responsible from the consultation, surgeryto post surgery check.
  • Post-operative care program

    Provides follow-up care for fast recovery


Advantages of AND’s surgery system

  • 01.

    We make our surgery plan through 1:1 consultation
    1:1 Personalized system

  • 02.

    Using high-resolution 3D-CT
    Precise Diagnosis

  • 03.

    We make our patient’s safety first priority
    Safe Surgery

  • 04.

    We have a system for a fast recovery of swelling and scar after surgery
    Post-operative care system

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What kind of patient does facial liposuction work for?

Facial liposuction is effective in cases where the contours are not large and slender

But there is plenty of fat in the face,as well as cases where there is a lot of fat left after the contouring surgery.

AND. for YOU

AND Plastic Surgery creates a unique beauty.

for YOU

  • From counseling to postoperative care

    1:1 Personalized system

  • Put patient safety first

    a surgical safety system

  • to improve the results of the surgery

    post-operative care

  • From the first surgery to the second surgery

    AND's know-how

A new me, a confident life.

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